Summer Series 19 Bench Officials announced


Team Summer Series in huddle while coach wanders off to talk to his son

The officials for The Summer Series 19 are rearing to go with the responsibility of making sure the games run as smoothly as possible.

The officials are the third team, and they play on and off the court. These are the hard working scorebench, statisticians and callers that make sure the games run as smoothly as possible. These important roles allow the competition to deliver high quality statistics and score updates, as well as making sure the times are all correct.

The officials have to keep focus on the game at all times, and work in tangent with the referees to create a flow that keeps the game moving. An official may do two or more games per day during the competition.

The new team of officials also allows for new roles of leadership and development. Le'Che Kingi-McCavana will take this position and will help develop a standard of scorebenching that can be taken outside of the competition and into the wider communities. The role of Technical Official will allow the development of consistency within the competition, and will also develop knowledge of those who are interested in progressing to higher levels of officiating within basketball.

We are always looking for more people to join the officials team, so if you would like to get involved, please send an email to Daphne at contact@liamc4.sg-host.com.

Summer Series 19 Officials:
*New to The Summer Series competition



Havana Aramoana
Hamish Bone*
Gerald Cabral
Ryan Collins
T'yara Collins*
Sam Goodall*
Victoria Green*
Aksal Harkan
Ashleigh Horton*
Le'Che Kingi-McCavana*
Will Logan*
Mikayla Ludlow
Milly Mackey*
Te Aratu Maihi*
Audrey Martinez
Daphne Martinez
Miguel Martinez*
Casey Norman
Logan Payne
Lea-Anne Smith*
Josh Wong

Le'Che Kingi-McCavana
Daphne Martinez