SS to cover CSW Basketball in 2019


Sacred Heart's Tayla-Kei Rahui-Laulau drives up the court

When players transition from The Summer Series to College Sport Wellington Basketball, it's often hard to keep up to date with how players are performing, which teams are stepping up, and which match-ups will be key in the deciding of the Top 4. The Summer Series media team will be working hard to help you keep up with College Basketball this season, including updates on SS19 teams, as well as teams from outside of the competition

We will make sure you have the full SS Teams draw for the week, with venues, times and game dates, as well as some updates on where our SS19 Referee Panel will be. All Senior games take place on Friday Nights, and will mainly be at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie. We can't cover every game, and we can't give you live scores line in other SS games, but we will be working hard to ensure you know who is leading the charge during the season, and who is helping their team along the way.

We will be previewing a game each week with a Summer Series team involved. We aim to provide more media coverage of the competition as the year progresses.

The College Sport Wellington season for 2019 tips off May 3rd with three rounds of division qualifiers.