Spectators Information


Fans at The Summer Series Newlands vs Heretaunga 5th/6th Match

We're so fortunate to be allowing spectators into the Tawa Recreation Centre this Friday for The Summer Series Finals.

Because of Level 1, spectators will be allowed in with no restrictions on social distancing, group sizes and contact tracing. There is some important information we need to share with those wanting to watch the games before they enter.


Everyone who comes into the Tawa Recreation Centre to watch basketball agrees to follow these conditions.

  1. We are expecting a turnout that could be larger than capacity of the venue. We are working with Tawa College to increase seated capacity. This may mean that some people will need to stand. Please note nobody will be allowed on Scorebench side with players.
  2. All people that enter do not have to contact trace, but we are strongly recommending doing so. The government has said you should note where you've been, and this is the reason for contact tracing. If this changes, Tawa College will require you to scan a QR code or sign in to enter.
  3. Only players will be allowed in the 2nd gym to warm up. No spectators will be allowed.
  4. Please do not enter the field of play for any reason whatsoever. This includes at half time. Security will be present to ensure everyone is following the rules.
  5. There is a strict no food or drink in the recreation centre. We will be working with Tawa College to monitor this. There may be sponsored products allowed on the stands, but this is subject to the regulations in place on the day.
  6. The game will be played at Tawa Recreation Centre, and doors will be open from 4:30pm. We ask that spectators wait outside to enter the venue. The Tawa Recreation Centre is the same as "Tawa Rec" and the same as "Tawa College Gym"


We're here to have some fun too, so here's some things you can do to enhance your experience at The Summer Series Finals.

  1. Download the crowdDJ app for your phone or tablet. It'll allow you to choose some funky tunes during warmups and half time.
  2. Dress up in your Hawaiian shirts and bring the party to the Finals! Let's get back into Summer yeah? There could be some great prizes up for grabs
  3. Be loud, be supportive and have fun. There's heaps of chances to get hyped during the evening
  4. Share the day on social media. Get posting with the hashtag #StartsWithSummer and tag us on our social media accounts. We will have some prizes to give away thanks to our amazing sponsors!

We're excited to get basketball back, and we can't wait for you to join us! Get your friends along to the game and watch some of the best players in Wellington battle it out to be Kings and Queens of the Summer.

If you have further questions in regards to the competition, media inquiries, or need support, please email us contact@summersries.nz and we will get back to you as soon as we can!