Player Growth to Enter New Space


It's the first New Zealand Basketball platform for promoting players and games

Basketball has a new home dedicated to video content for upcoming ballers. We're so proud to be introducing Space to you for the first time, a video streaming platform dedicated to basketball in New Zealand.

Space will be an offset to The Summer Series website and will give users the ability to check out all the latest content relating to High School basketball around the country. Fans will be able to watch highlights of games, access full replays as well as view individual performances from some of the best talent that Kiwis have to offer. All content will be free and available in one place.

What makes Space special is it will allow anyone in the basketball community to send in videos to be added to the site. If you want to add your highlights package to Space, all you have to do is fire your package through and it'll be available for everyone to see. Anyone around the world will be able to search up your video and play it directly from the site, making College showreels a breeze. For any player that plays in The Summer Series, your highlights are already waiting to be added to your showreel.

Starting late next month, all games from The Summer Series will be ready to go, including highlights, player performances and special mentions. You'll also have fresh content from College Sport Wellington, Ball Never Lies and Splash Brothers. Basketballers will be able to add their own content almost immediately. Adding content to Space will be free till November 2020, allowing players to show off their skills in the newest basketball video hub.

One of the most exciting things for Space is this will be the first time that a Hub has been created purely focusing on basketball within New Zealand. A website dedicated to developing and showcasing players' talent and getting them on the world stage. It'll be easy to network with players and uncover their true potentials. You'll also be able to witness some of the best live games around the country in one place instead of scrambling to find a link at the last minute, or relying on a link to be shared in a group chat. It's all there and ready to go.

Associations won't miss out either with the ability to stream games directly to Space. Games will be broadcasted in glorious HD with full casting capabilities, making it super easy to watch games like you would on TV. Anyone who is broadcasting a game live will be able to do so on Space as long as it's a good quality production and is a resolution of 1080p or higher. Building a basketball community has never been easier, and it'll be even easier to get your name out there. We'll feature our favourite clips, games and profiles as time progresses, as well as making content for fans to enjoy. The Videos section will still be available on The Summer Series website.

Space will be looking to take on your footage within the next few weeks, and we'll keep you informed with exactly what you need to do to get involved. The platform will look to launch late next month and will feature Live games to start it off. You won't want to go anywhere else for your basketball content.

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