New Summer Series Podcast Available Now


Sunset - The Summer Series Podcast

We're missing basketball a lot... Almost as much as you are. From what was meant to be a Finals Game Preview Show streaming on YouTube has turned into your new favourite quarentine passtime. We present to you The Summer Series Sunset Podcast.

The podcast will feature your favourite commentators (or the only commentators) from The Summer Series talking about the players, the games and the behind the scenes work that makes the competition happen. We warn you, there's some pretty average chat in there.

We'll be bringing you weekly content while you're stuck at home, and we'll be featuring some ond and new faces of basketball in there too. If you enjoyed the commentary this year, this will be your new favourite pass-time!

Available on Spotify and Apple Music by searching up "Sunset The Summer Series" or by clicking on the link below. If you have any topics you want convered, feel free to get in touch by flicking us a DM on Instagram, or by emailing us contact@liamc4.sg-host.com