Finals Friday Moved to June 12th


The Summer Series has been pushed back another week to 12th June

Summer Series fans will have to wait another seven days to watch the two best teams from each Division go head-to-head.

After careful consideration, duscissions with the venue has determined that June 12th is the safest and most appropriate date to finish what started all the way back in February. It allows the contact tracing app that will be used during College Sport Wellington to be fully functional and fully testeed. This extra week gives schools the opportunity to hype up the game and prepare their social coverage of what will be an incredible evening.

This also gives teams another week of valuable training time under Sport NZ's "Return to sport injury free" protocols.

Game times may change and this will be updated in the coming days.

This also gives our team a chance to create some magic for the courts, including updating the inside of the venue, as well as how everything's displayed on screen to the viewers at home. You'll be in great hands still for the Finals, and there's no better place to watch it than streaming from The Summer Series website.

More Information

All information surrounding Finals Friday will be available on our website, as well as through posts on social media. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch by emailing us contact@liamc4.sg-host.com